1933 - Present

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Our History: 1933 - Present

The Seaford Clarence Street Church of God was organized in 1933 under the leadership of Reverend Allan Stanley. Reverend Stanley was pastor of the East New Market Church of God in Maryland, where many of the congregation traveled from Seaford, Delaware to be in service. At that time, East New Market was the only Church of God of color on the Eastern Shore and Peninsula.

The Clarence Street Church of God started with sixty-five charter members and is the oldest continuous black congregation organized in the region. Approximately thirty different churches were started from the Clarence Street congregation. More than fifty ministers received their calling at the Clarence Street Church of God and many continue in ministry today. Clarence Street Church of God continues to be a strong tower under the very capable leadership of Bishop Carlton L. Cannon Jr.

The parsonage was built in 1950 under the leadership of Pastor Cartwright. In 2004, under the leadership of Bishop Cannon Sr., a major construction project was initiated. The project consisted of three phases: (1) parsonage and garage construction/renovation, (2) sanctuary construction/renovation, and (3) fellowship hall and kitchen area constructed/renovated.

The original sanctuary burned down in 1938 and the new sanctuary was rebuilt in 1940 by the men of the church, while the women sold chicken and dumpling dinners to support this effort. Pastor Lawrence O. Wynn (1970-80) led the church in expanding the hall and sanctuary as well as constructing the education annex. Although small, this edifice continues to serve the community today.

There are several pastors with significant contributions which have highlighted the many successes of this ministry.  Each unique in his own way, their sacrifices will never be forgotten. Former pastors of the Clarence Street Church of God are Pastors Stanley, Patterson, Ambrose, James and Cartwright (exact dates unknown).  Other contributing pastors:

  Clarence Denson (Jan 1959 - Jun 1959)         Norbert S. Marcelle (Jul 1959 - May 1963)

   Horace A. Hawes (Jun 1963 - Jul 1963)         Harcourt G. Poitier (Aug 1963 - May 1967) *

   George J. Wilson (Jun 1967 - Aug 1970)       Lawrence O. Wynn (Sep 1970 - Aug 1980)

   Isaac Brunson (Sep 1980 - Sep 2004)     Carlton L. Cannon Sr (Oct 2004 - July 2016)*

Dr. Carlton L. Cannon Jr (Aug 2016 - Present)

*Harcourt G. Poitier was appointed by the Executive Committee as the Representative of Black Affairs Church of God. This historical event emerged from the 1966 General Assembly.

* Carlton L. Cannon Sr. accepted ministerial calling under H G Poitier (1966). He was the  only Clarence Street Church of God native son to return and pastor at his home church.  

In August of 2016, Carlton L. Cannon Sr. was designated as overseer of the state of New Jersey!

Visit here:  http://njcog.cc/leadership/ 


Today, the church remains at its current location, 744 Clarence Street, Seaford, Delaware.  In this area, it is affectionately called the “Mother Church.”  The Clarence Street Church of God, with its humble beginning, has always stood as a lighthouse in the community. It is our passionate desire to win lost souls to Christ, to make disciples and to plant new churches for the glory of God’s Kingdom. We will continue to stand upon the principles of holiness in the spirit of love to promote unity among all ethnicities as we labor together to reach the harvest for the Lord Jesus Christ.